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Installing the Monnify SDK is very easy and can be completed in a couple of minutes by simply following the steps below:

Add the Monnify Web SDK Javascript Snippet to your website

You can simply copy the code snippet below and paste it in your website to install the Monnify SDK.

Monnify Web SDK

Code Block
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<button onclick="payWithMonnify()">Pay with Monnify</button>

<script type="text/javascript">
	function payWithMonnify() {
			amount: 5000,
			currency: "NGN",
			reference: '' + Math.floor((Math.random() * 1000000000) + 1),
			customerName: "John Doe",
			customerEmail: "",
			apiKey: "MK_TEST_SAF7HR5F3F",
			contractCode: "4934121693",
			paymentDescription: "Test Pay",
			isTestMode: true,
		    metadata: {
                    "name": "Damilare",
                    "age": 45
			paymentMethods: ["CARD", "ACCOUNT_TRANSFER"],
			incomeSplitConfig: 	[
	    			"subAccountCode": "MFY_SUB_342113621921",
	    			"feePercentage": 50,
		    		"splitAmount": 1900,
		    		"feeBearer": true
		    		"subAccountCode": "MFY_SUB_342113621922",
		    		"feePercentage": 50,
	    			"splitAmount": 2100,
	    			"feeBearer": true
			onComplete: function(response){
				//Implement what happens when transaction is completed.
			onClose: function(data){
				//Implement what should happen when the modal is closed here


When the transaction is completed, Monnify returns a response object to your onComplete function. 

Monnify Web SDK Response Object

Code Block
	accountReference: null
	amountPaid: "5000.00"
	invoiceReference: null
	paidOn: "26/08/2019 02:13:32"
	paymentDescription: "Test Pay"
	paymentReference: "421168696"
	paymentStatus: "PAID"
	totalPayable: "5000.00"
	transactionHash: "6373d5039175201eed06c1872c557749cfba27f0d56d75ff713e58f06ebad84795d38b34334ca59470ffae8addfbdf113ec36823a1607325c89da4981e1054bf"
	transactionReference: "MNFY|20190826141314|000290"

If a user cancels, Monnify returns the following response to your onClose function

Monnify Web SDK Cancellation Object

Code Block
	authorizedAmount: 0
	paymentStatus: "USER_CANCELLED"
	redirectUrl: "file:///Users/tamira/Webapps/html/sdk.html"
	responseCode: "USER_CANCELLED"
	responseMessage: "User cancelled Transaction"



Simulating Bank Transfers on the Sandbox

To simulate bank transfers on the Monnify Sandbox environment you can use our Banking App Web Simulator. Click here to view the banking app simulator 


Field Reference

(M) indicates fields that are mandatory in the request body