Getting all transactions on a reserved account

By sending a GET request to the endpoint below and specifying the accountReference as a query parameter, Monnify will return a paginated list of transactions processed to a reserved account. You can optionally define the number of pages and the size (number of transactions) of each page you want returned.

This endpoint is protected with OAuth 2.0 Bearer token

Endpoint URL: {{base_url}}/api/v1/bank-transfer/reserved-accounts/transactions

HTTP Method: GET

The {{base_url}} for test is but when you go live, it changes to the live url

Get Reserved Account Transactions Request

Request Headers Authorization:"Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiIxMjM0NTY3ODkwIiwibmFtZSI6IkpvaG4gRG9lIiwiaWF0IjoxNTE2MjM5MDIyfQ.SflKxwRJSMeKKF2QT4fwpMeJf36POk6yJV_adQssw5c" Request URL GET

Get Reserved Account Transactions Response

{ "requestSuccessful": true, "responseMessage": "success", "responseCode": "0", "responseBody": { "content": [ { "customerDTO": { "email": "", "name": "Test Reserved Account", "merchantCode": "ALJKHDALASD" }, "providerAmount": 0.21, "paymentMethod": "ACCOUNT_TRANSFER", "createdOn": "2019-07-24T14:12:27.000+0000", "amount": 100.00, "flagged": false, "providerCode": "98271", "fee": 0.79, "currencyCode": "NGN", "completedOn": "2019-07-24T14:12:28.000+0000", "paymentDescription": "Test Reserved Account", "paymentStatus": "PAID", "transactionReference": "MNFY|20190724141227|003374", "paymentReference": "MNFY|20190724141227|003374", "merchantCode": "ALJKHDALASD", "merchantName": "Test Limited" "payableAmount": 100.00, "amountPaid": 100.00, "completed": true }, { "customerDTO": { "email": "", "name": "Test Reserved Account", "merchantCode": "ALJKHDALASD" }, "providerAmount": 0.11, "paymentMethod": "ACCOUNT_TRANSFER", "createdOn": "2019-07-24T11:14:45.000+0000", "amount": 50.00, "flagged": false, "providerCode": "98271", "fee": 0.79, "currencyCode": "NGN", "completedOn": "2019-07-24T11:14:45.000+0000", "paymentDescription": "Test Reserved Account", "paymentStatus": "PAID", "transactionReference": "MNFY|20190724111444|003259", "paymentReference": "MNFY|20190724111444|003259", "merchantCode": "ALJKHDALASD", "merchantName": "Test Limited", "settleInstantly": true, "payableAmount": 50.00, "amountPaid": 50.00, "completed": true } ], "pageable": { "sort": { "sorted": true, "unsorted": false, "empty": false }, "pageSize": 10, "pageNumber": 0, "offset": 0, "unpaged": false, "paged": true }, "totalElements": 2, "totalPages": 1, "last": true, "sort": { "sorted": true, "unsorted": false, "empty": false }, "first": true, "numberOfElements": 2, "size": 10, "number": 0, "empty": false } }

Field Parameters






Unique reference sent to Monnify when reserving the account


The page of data you want returned by Monnify (Starts from 0)


The number of records you want returned in a page.