Signing Up

Before you can start integrating to Monnify, you will need to sign up on Monnify. Click here to sign up.

How it Works

Monnify invoicing allows you generate invoices via APIs. For each invoice, we will generate a virtual account number tied to that invoice so your customers can simply transfer to that account number to pay. We will also return a checkout URL so your customers can pay via their Debit Cards.

This is extremely useful if you currently send out invoices to your customers today or if your customers will need more than the 10 minute window that is applicable to Dynamic Account transactions to complete their payments.

Monnify Invoicing also allows you set a deadline for the invoice after which it can no longer be paid. Perfect for things like late registration for school fee payments, expiring offers etc.

Step by step guide

Monnify Customer Reserved Accounts Integration can be complete in these steps: 

  1. Create Invoice

  2. Implementing a Webhook URL

  3. View Invoice Details

  4. View All Invoices

  5. Reserved Account Invoices