Optimizing Your User Experience

Once the integration itself is complete, the next step is to optimize your user experience. It’s important to let your payers know that this is not the regular bank transfer option where they probably have to call you to let you know they have done the transfer, or have to send an evidence of payment to your support team. We’ve noticed that the best UX typically achieves the following:

  • Lets the customer know that his account number is dedicated to them : - From the user experience, the customer needs to know that this account number is theirs and they can use it to pay any time they please. Bonus points if you can nudge the customer into saving the account number as a beneficiary on their banking app. A sample of the text is: 

“Your virtual account number is 9900099000 XYZ Bank. You can top up your wallet instantly by doing a transfer to this account number. Save it as a beneficiary on your banking app so you can send money to it at any time!”

  • Lets the customer know that his payment will be acknowledged instantly : - If you have a page dedicated to payment, it’s important to let the payer know that his payment will be received on the system immediately. This is typically achieved in a combination of two ways
    • By making the page alive, some type of loading bar or icon with a waiting for payment text is typically good enough to attract the users attention and have him start to see this as something that is fully automated.
    • By having some text letting the payer know his transfer will be confirmed instantly. 

Here are a few pictures of what we recommend the user experience should look like: