Monnify Wallet

Monnify Wallets API is an infrastructure service designed to empower businesses with the capabilities to create and manage digital wallets for their operations and customer service needs. The functionalities provided include wallet creation, retrieval, top-up, disbursement, and balance checking.

The Monnify Wallets API allows you to carry out the following key functionalities for your customers:

  • Create New Wallet: Create new digital wallets for customers.

  • Get All Wallets: Retrieve a comprehensive list of all created wallets, allowing access and efficient management of wallet data efficiently.

  • Credit Wallets with Top-up Account Number: Seamlessly credit funds into specific wallets using the top-up account number associated with each wallet.

  • Debit Wallets with Disbursement API: Enable the disbursement of funds from wallets using the disbursement API, ensuring streamlined payment processes.

  • Check Balance: Retrieve the current balance of a wallet, providing real-time financial information for accurate transaction management.

Use Cases

The Monnify Wallets API serves various use cases across industries. Here are a few examples:

  • Embedded Wallets for Financial Applications: FinTech businesses can integrate Monnify Wallets into their applications, leveraging the API capabilities to offer wallet services to their customers. This is especially beneficial for budgeting tools, personal finance management apps, and investment platforms, reducing development time and effort.

  • Expense Wallets for Other Business Platforms: Monnify Wallets can be integrated into different commercial platforms, allowing users to own a wallet and pre-fund it for spending on the respective platforms. This integration enables businesses to manage ledger systems for each customer, track incoming payments, and maintain transaction history. Examples include ride-hailing applications and restaurants. 


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