Offline Payments

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Monnify now enables you as a merchant to accept cash payments from your customers or make cash payments to your customers through Moniepoint Business.

Moniepoint is a Business banking platform with a wide reach, having businesses in every local government in Nigeria. With this partnership, customers of Monnify’s businesses can make cash deposits and collect cash payments in person, using the Monipoint terminals at cashin and cashout business locations.

Offline Collections (Cash Payment using “Offline Product“)

Offline Collections are inbound payments made to you as a merchant by your customers via the Moniepoint agent location. To learn more about offline collections, click here.

Offline Disbursement (Cash Withdrawal using “Paycode“)

This allows your customers to withdraw cash from Moniepoint businesses via the use of paycodes generated from Monnify. To learn more about this, click here.

Before you can start integrating to Monnify, you will need to sign up on Monnify. Click here to sign up