One Time Payments

Signing Up

Before you can start integrating to Monnify, you will need to sign up on Monnify. Click here to sign up

How it Works

Monnify allows a merchant to receive payments from his customers via bank transfers or debit cards. Every time a transaction is initiated, the Monnify SDK displays a distinct account number to the customer. The customer can simply pay by doing a transfer to the account details being displayed as shown in the images below


This is extremely useful for merchants who receive one-off payments from customers or eCommerce merchants where payment for an order must be identified uniquely. The customer can also pay by entering his card details. Here are a few examples of scenarios where a dynamic account for one-time payment is perfect:

  • eCommerce applications where customers add items to a cart and checkout

  • Donation or Giving forms where the payer need not be identified

Step-by-step guide

Monnify One-time checkout Integration can be completed via: 

  1. Monnify Web Checkout

  2. Monnify Android SDK

  3. Monnify iOS SDK

To complete a successful integration, ensure to;

  1. Integrate getting a transaction status

  2. Sett up your Webhook URL

However, if you want to, you can setup Monnify on your web application by calling the checkout APIs directly. Read the docs.