Monnify Payment Link

Payment link is designed to simplify the way individuals and businesses receive payments. With Payment links, you can create a straightforward, personalised link that allows you to collect payments without the need for a website, coding knowledge, or complex integrations. This solution is perfect for a wide range of users, from event organisers and solopreneurs to SMEs and digital creators, looking to streamline their payment processes.

Why should you use a payment link?

  • No Code Required: You can set up your Payment link without any technical expertise.

  • No Integration Needed: The feature is designed to be easy to use, requiring no special integration efforts.

  • No Website Needed: A Payment link can serve as a standalone web presence or be linked to an existing site.

  • Collect additional customer information

Who can use the payment link?

  • Event Organizers: For simple and efficient ticket sales.

  • Solopreneurs: To sell products directly to customers.

  • SMEs and Startup Businesses: Perfect for those without an existing website.

  • Individuals: For personal payment links.

  • Freelancers: To streamline payment collections without a structured system.

  • Digital Creators: To monetize content easily.


  1. Set up a Link
    Create your Payment link from your merchant app or by going to

    Screenshot 2024-04-15 at

    Set a fixed payment amount, allow users to enter a flexible amount or offer multiple options of amount

    Screenshot 2024-04-15 at

    Use the link as a form to collect additional customer data

  2. Customise payment link
    Customise payment link look





  1. Manage Payments
Notifications: Receive alerts via email or webhook for successful payments.

    Dashboard: Access a comprehensive dashboard to view all your links, the details of transactions, and

    additional information collected from customers.

    Data Export: Easily export data for record-keeping or analysis.

    Fund Management: Oversee the funds settled from your payments in a streamlined manner