This page contains a documentation of latest changes made to our APIs, Plugins and SDKs

Web SDK Checkout Page

Certain changes has been made to both the UI and payment methods in our latest update.

These updates include:

1. Beautiful looking UI

There has been a change to our checkout page UI to something much beautiful.

2. Addition Of OnLoadStart function

The OnloadStart function allows you the flexibility of performing an action when the SDK is about to start. You can define whatever trigger you want to happen when the SDK is about to be launched.

... onLoadStart: () => { console.log("loading has started"); },


3. Addition Of OnLoadComplete function

This allows the flexibility of performing an action when the SDK has been loaded fully and payment methods displayed. You can define whatever trigger you want to happen immediately after the SDK has loaded fully.

... onLoadComplete: () => { console.log("transaction has been completed"); },


4. Addition of extra payment methods

The newly added payment methods are Pay with Phone Number and Pay with USSD thus providing merchants with four(4) payment methods available for collections; 

  • CARD


  • USSD


It’s also good to know that there aren’t any breaking changes, the update to this SDK is backward compatible. You don’t need to do anything on your end to get this update.



The API for payment via USSD short codes is available for consumption.

With this API merchants can build their own interface for displaying USSD short codes

which customers can dial on their mobile device to make payment.

Optional Beneficiary Account Name Parameter

An Optional request parameter (destinationAccountName) was added to the disbursement API.

With this parameter, name inquiry will be skipped thus proceeding to disbursement.

Asynchronous Processing Of Disbursement

Addition of an async parameter to the disbursement API enables asynchronous

processing of disbursement.

Addition of GTBank Virtual Account

Merchants can now generate GTBank reserved accounts, by simply passing “058” as one of the bank codes in the preferredBanks request parameter.


Webhook notifications for Rejected Payments

Merchants should now be able to get webhook notifications sent to their transaction completion endpoint once a payment is rejected, so that they can perform desired action for such transactions like closing the transaction and informing the user why his payment was not successfully processed. The same webhook verification and hashing is also used here.

Sample payload for rejected payment is outline here: