Validate Bank Account

Validate Bank Account

This allows you to check if an account number is a valid NUBAN, and to confirm if the account name is valid. 

Visit here to get a list of all supported banks and their corresponding codes. This service is FREE.

This endpoint is protected with OAuth 2.0 Bearer token

Endpoint URL: {{base_url}}/api/v1/disbursements/account/validate?accountNumber=0068687503&bankCode=232

HTTP Method: GET

The {{base_url}} for test is but when you go live, it changes to the live url

Sample Get All Bulk Transactions Response

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 { "requestSuccessful": true, "responseMessage": "success", "responseCode": "0", "responseBody": { "accountNumber": "0068687503", "accountName": "DAMILARE SAMUEL OGUNNAIKE", "bankCode": "232" } }

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