Requery Transfer

Single Transfers

To get the details of a single transfer,  you will need to send a request to the endpoint below:



This endpoint is protected with Basic Authentication

Below is a sample response for getting the details of a single transfer

Get Single Transfer Details Response
    "responseMessage": "Transaction successful",
    "responseCode": "00",
    "responseBody": {
        "amount": 10.00,
        "reference": "ref1629981149725",
        "narration": "911 Transaction",
        "currency": "NGN",
        "fee": 10.00,
        "twoFaEnabled": false,
        "transactionReference": "MFDS20210826013230AAAAFE",
        "createdOn": "2021-08-26T12:32:31.000+0000",
        "sessionId": "ATL210826AABGWS",
        "sourceAccountNumber": "6000000113",
        "destinationAccountNumber": "0035785417",
        "destinationAccountName": "Chinonso Caleb",
        "destinationBankCode": "044",
        "destinationBankName": "Access bank",
        "transactionStatus": "SUCCESS"

You can also use this endpoint to get the details of individual transactions in a batch

Field Reference

amountThe amount to be disbursed to the beneficiary
referenceThe unique reference for a transaction. Also to be specified for each transaction in a bulk transaction request.
narrationThe Narration for the transactions being processed
destinationBankCodeThe 3 digit bank code representing the destination bank
destinationBankNameThe name of the destination bank
destinationAccountNumberThe beneficiary account number
destinationAccountNameThe name tied to the account in the destination bank
currencyThe currency of the transaction being initialized. "NGN"
transactionStatusThe status  of a single transfer request. (SUCCESS, FAILED, PENDING, OTP_EMAIL_DISPATCH_FAILED, PENDING_AUTHORIZATION)
twoFaEnabledSpecifies the current state of 2FA when the transaction was initiated
createdOnThe time transaction was initiated
sessionIdThe unique session ID for transfer to the destination bank
feeThe total transaction fees deducted for a single transaction
sourceAccountNumberUnique identifier of your wallet. Can be obtained on the disbursements page on the web portal and is represented as WALLET ACCOUNT NUMBER.
transactionReferenceMonnify's unique reference for the transaction