Authorize Transfer

Single Transfers

To authorize a single transfer, you will need to send a request to the endpoint below:



The endpoint is protected with Basic Authentication

Below is a sample request for authorizing a transfer

Authorize Transfer Request (Single)

If the merchant does not have Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled, the transaction will be processed instantly and the response will be as follows:

Authorize Transfer Response (Single)
    "responseMessage": "Transaction successful",
    "responseCode": "00",
    "responseBody": {
        "amount": 10.00,
        "reference": "ref1629983101075",
        "narration": "911 Transaction",
        "currency": "NGN",
        "fee": 10.00,
        "twoFaEnabled": true,
        "transactionReference": "MFDS20210826020502AAAAFF",
        "createdOn": "2021-08-26T13:05:02.000+0000",
        "sessionId": "ATL210826AABGWT",
        "sourceAccountNumber": "6000000113",
        "destinationAccountNumber": "0035785417",
        "destinationAccountName": "Chinonso Caleb",
        "destinationBankCode": "044",
        "destinationBankName": "Access bank",
        "transactionStatus": "SUCCESS"

authorizationCode (M)The One Time Password sent to the specified email to be used to authenticate the transaction
reference (M)The unique reference for a transaction. Also to be specified for each transaction in a bulk transaction request.