Monnify Disbursements

Signing Up

Before you can start integrating to Monnify, you will need to sign up on Monnify. Click here to sign up

How it Works

The Monnify Disbursements APIs enable a merchant to initiate payouts from his Monnify Wallet to any Nigerian bank account. We provide you with all the tools you'll need to fully automate your disbursement processes.

By default, disbursement is disabled upon sign up by merchant so as to protect merchants money. Monnify support team should be contacted by sending a mail to as soon as you want to activate disbursement so fee restriction can be removed.

Step by step guide

Monnify Disbursements can be completed in these steps:

  1. Initiate Transfer

  2. Authorize Transfer (2FA)

  3. Get Transfer Status

  4. Get Bulk Transfer-Transactions (Bulk only)

  5. List All Transfers

Before going live with your integration, it is recommended that your IP be whitelisted. You can do this by sending your production IP address to our support team, to enable the whitelisting of your IP address.

Disbursement Charges

Amount < N10,000


Amount >= N10,000 and < N50,000


Amount >= 50,000