Monnify Collections

Signing Up

Before you can start integrating to Monnify, you will need to sign up on Monnify. Click here to sign up. 

Public Credentials

If you want to test out the APIs right away we you can click here to view the public sandbox credentials. However, we recommend you sign up so you can have your own credentials and to allow you setup things like your webhook url. 

Use Cases

We've grouped the Monnify API Docs to help you easily find exactly what you need and guide you through the process of integration. Simply read through the use cases and click on which one you think is closest to yours.

Customer Reserved Account

Reserve an account for each of your customers? Giving each customer a way to pay you easily. View documentation here.

One Time Payments

Use the Monnify SDK (or APIs) to receive one time payments from your customers via bank transfers or cards. View documentation here.


Send out invoices to your customers which contain an account number which they can simply transfer to, to make payment. View documentation here.

Quick Start

Want a quick setup? You can install our web or mobile SDKs and start transacting in minutes!!

Sub Accounts

Do you need to credit more than one account whenever a payment is made? You can do that easily using sub-accounts. Read the docs here.

Want to know how to use sub accounts for split payments? Read the documentation for your specific use case.