Customer Reserved Account APIs

The Customer Reserved Account APIs are really easy to implement. To get up and running, all you really have to do is implement the following endpoints:

Integration Credentials

You can get your Client ID and Secret from within your Monnify dashboard. If you haven't already, click here to sign up on Monnify.

Specially Regulated Business Categories

The following business categories are specially regulated on monnify with BVN restrictions for reserved accounts. 

i.    Cryptocurrency
ii.   Digital Banking
iii.  Microfinance Bank
iv.  Savings and Investment
v.   Super Agent/ MMOs

BVN Restriction - This allows you to specify the BVN(s) of the individual(s) permitted to successfully make a payment to a virtual account they are assigned to. (i.e. If Mr. Olu Musa Emeka is issued a virtual account by XYZ Limited, his BVN is mapped to the assigned virtual account, and transactions from accounts without the same BVN would be rejected and automatically reversed to sender.

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