Allowed Payment Source(s)

This API enables you to restrict source accounts that can fund a reserved account using either BVNs or Account Name or Account NumberThis is mandatory if restrictPaymentSource is set to true. 

Very Important !!! 

For merchants in a regulated business category, where only the authorized user(s) of a reserved account should fund the reserved account,
to allow more payment sources, only BVNs will be used to allow more payment sources other than the default customerBvn already on a reserve account.

For other merchants: You can explicitly specify account numbers, or specify one or more account names. 

How are specified rules applied?

  1. If only account numbers are specified, funding of account will be restricted to specified account numbers.

  2. If only account names are specified, funding of account will be restricted to specified account names. 

  3. If both account numbers and account names are specified, funding will be permitted when either of the two rules match, i.e. source account number matches specified account numbers or source account name matches specified account name.

Account Name Matching Rule

Matching of a source account name is dynamic, such that if CIROMA CHUKWUMA ADEKUNLE is the specified account name, funding of accounts will be permitted from accounts with name that has AT LEAST TWO words from the specified name, and in any order. 

This endpoint is protected with OAuth 2.0 Bearer token

Endpoint URL: {{base_url}}/api/v1/bank-transfer/reserved-accounts/update-payment-source-filter/{{accountReference}}

HTTP Method: PUT

The {{base_url}} for test is but when you go live, it changes to the live url

Update Payment Source Sample Request for Regulated Business Categories

{ "restrictPaymentSource": true, "allowedPaymentSources": {                      "bvns": [                       "21212121212",                          "20202020202"                 ] }

Update Payment Source Sample Request

{ "restrictPaymentSource": true, "allowedPaymentSources": {                      "bankAccounts": [ { "accountNumber": "0779311422", "bankCode": "044" }, { "accountNumber":"0021764889", "bankCode": "221" }, { "accountNumber":"0021764889", "bankCode": "221" } ], "accountNames": [ "Segun Adeponle Patrick" ] } }

Update Payment Source Sample Response

{ "requestSuccessful": true, "responseMessage": "success", "responseCode": "0", "responseBody": { "restrictPaymentSource": true, "allowedPaymentSources": {       "bvns": [                       "21212121212",                          "20202020202"                 ], "bankAccounts": [ { "accountNumber": "0068687503", "bankCode": "232" }, { "accountNumber": "2048714015", "bankCode": "057" } ], "accountNames": [ "DAMILARE OGUNNAIKE SAMUEL" ] } } }

Field Reference

(M) indicates fields that are mandatory in the request body. (m) Indicates fields that are mandatory only if the parent object is not empty.






A boolean value to activate or de-activate restricting of payment sources for a reserved account. If set to true, at least one of bvns or  accountNames or bankAccounts must be supplied.


List of BVNs that should be validated.  Any account linked to supplied BVN can fund a reserved account. For merchants in the regulated business category,  only BVNs will be used to allow more payment source


List of account numbers that can fund the reserved account.


10 digit account number from which reserved account can be funded.


3 digit CBN code for the account. Click here for a list of banks.


List of account names for accounts from which reserved accounts can be funded.